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Tanmaya Kumar Sahu

Tanmaya Kumar Sahu

Miri InfoTech Pvt Ltd
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Tanmaya Kumar Sahu's Experience
Software Developer
Miri InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Delhi, INDIA
Software Developer
Silicon TechLab Pvt Ltd., Bhubaneshwar, INDIA
Tanmaya Kumar Sahu's Education
Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
Government Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna
Family Background
I am from a middle class family and My Father is working as a Teacher at Middle English School.
Areas for the Future
There are so many new frame works has been invented till now, but I think core java is the most important thing for a java professional. as because it is the base of java coding. Also the java tools/frameworks like Spring, hibernate, Struts, Flex, java swing will play very important role in future.
Scope Of Java
I think there are lot many scope for a java professional, as because java is platform independent for which it become most acceptable technology in the world. If we think the present time, every thing we are using in day to day life are running with java, from which we can calculate future.
Degrees That Matter
of course a certification need for building good strength and skill in java. If some one want to take my word to go for a certification, I will recommend him to go for a java sun certification.
Current Job Profile
Working as a developer in the domain of Business Intelligence(BI) for products and service using Java/J2EE based platform and extensively worked on technologies which include Java/J2EE, ExtJS(3.3, 4.0), Sencha Touch, jQuery 1.7.2, MySQL,PostgreSQL,Oracle,Object oriented Javascript,HTML,CSS & XHTML.
Most Important Career Decisions
I want to build my career in java based platform. I love to work in a good work culture and environment by which I can develop myself in a better way and make myself strong in my passionate technology.
Required Reading
For Core java 1. Complete reference Java, 2. Black book on java, 3. Head First java in 21 days. For J2EE 1.Struts the complete reference, 2.Spring Black book, 3.Orelly's JSP ,4.Wesely's Hibernate, 5.Servlets & JSP by Larry Brown & Marty Hall. websites like :,
Technology Trends
Struts, Spring, hibernate...
Challenges in The Technology
Till now I have not feel any challenges in java.
Plans for the Future
I hope I will must join a multinational company in a good position very soon.
Current Role
Right now I am mainly responsible for coding, unit testing,Design plan and estimation of time for a work. And there are 2 peoples working under me, reviewing there code and give them permission to check in the code to svn(subversion).
Most Important Lessons
First thing is the work culture in a organization which makes me a professional. Then lead someone and manage him to work. Time management for delivering in time.
Role Model
My Role model is Steve jobs. His word "If you have not found it yet, keep looking..." inspired me. One of my another Role model is Subhas Bose for his strong words for our indian freedom.His word "Give me blood, i will give you freedom.", inspired me.
Comparison With Other Language
Java is platform independent, for which java can be run in every machine and environment. Coding style is very friendly. java has a lot many libraries, user friendly IDEs.
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