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Trilok Singh Rathore

Trilok Singh Rathore

Application Developer
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Contribution to the field
Basically my roll is to implement the solution for the customer problem. Customer comes up with problem we provide the solution and if customer wants we implement the same solution.Its more of providing solution which helps customer to grow there own business with the help of technology.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Always ready to take challenge.Be simple and smart.
Work life Management
I plane my leaves always in advance and daily talking to family members. and Saturday and Sunday talking to relatives and friends.Work life Balance is most important things, We should keep this on high priority.
Current Role
Analyze the story(Work) and estimate. After estimation do coding ,unit testing etc..
Changes in professional environment
Your role model
I don't have any Role model .I want to be other's role model.
The Big Question
Success can't be described by words.Success is felling , emotion and much more things , depends on the person to person. For my success is
My Road map ahead
It's is long time,over 5 year a lot can happen .So I can not predict my up coming 5 year
Areas for the Future
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
To improve my knowledge I regularly study books ,watching video and try to implement the concept i just learn from reading or watching.
Additional Certifications
I don't recommend any certification in java but it is good if you do.There are many certification.
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