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Vikash Kumar

Vikash Kumar

Grace System Technology Labs (India) Private Limited
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Vikash Kumar's Experience
Software Developer
Grace System Technology Labs (India) Private Limited, Bangalore, INDIA
Vikash Kumar's Education
Gandhi Engineering College
S.K.M High School, Mokama
S.K.M High School, Mokama
Company & Job Profile
Grace System Technology Labs (India) Private Limited
Journey so far
I have started my job in April 2011. Still i am a learner and also be a learner forever in this Corporate world. This is only thing which gives me so much excitement to learn always new things.
Challenges in the technology
The main challenges in java technology is Issues arising in the development of Distributed Application.
Additional Certifications
For Java Professionals it is useful to do OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Programmer) Certification. For Web Developers it is useful to do OCWJP Certification.
Java Obstacles
I think there is now obstacles for java programmer. But for beginners the designing part is little difficult as compared to .Net technology. But other than this Java is the best technology to develop Applications.
Intellectual Recommendations
For Java Professional Best Book is: Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) by Kathy sierra and Bert bates. Java documentation on Oracle website.
Areas for the future
Core Java, it the area of specialization which will be matter most in future.
Scope of Java
In future Java has many scope. As anyone can verify that most of the Browser, Web Applications are developed in Java. Java ME, Android(Mobile Platform) are using Java Programming language.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Practice makes Man perfect. To improve knowledge there is only way to create ideas and transform that idea into coding. Refer online resources, books, and blogs.
Effective decision
When i completed my B.Tech, I have so many ways to decide the career as future. Such as Banking, Government Job, etc. But i always excited to learn new things, so i started my career as a software developer. And now i feel that my decision was correct.
My Road map ahead
Now i am a learning, even after 5 years, i will be learner only. Now i am dealing with smaller problems, after 5 years i deal with complex problems.
The Big Question
I have chosen Software Developer as my career to build my future. Now i am an Software Developer. So, I am successful.
The Most Important Game
Once our client have send some modification in project design, and we have to deliver the results. I have completed my work within the estimated time without any work pressure.
Your role model
Sir Isaac Newton, is my Role Model, because he only thinks about the falling Apple. Other people have also seen that, but Newton only think that Why it is falling down.
Starting Differently Again
First i will gain extra knowledge along with what i know at present, which would help be to start a fresh career.
Advice for upcoming professionals
My advice to Professionals entering to workforce is: Be creative, self driven and honest.
Family Background
I belongs to a nuclear, middle class family. My father is a Farmer and my mother is a school teacher. My parents always given me support to study well. As my family have limited economic resources, so i have completed my education in government schools.
Work life Management
There is nothing to manage. Work is my life.
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