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Abdul Qadeer

Abdul Qadeer

Software Engineer
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Contribution to the field
Current Company: IBM Job Profile: 1) Design the docs like HLD and AD, and give the demo of the same to the Client personals Other docs: Peer review logs, UT, IT, Traceability Matrix. 2) Coding, UT and IT 3) Handle UAT and production Issues 4) Knowledge transfer to peers 5) Table update projects
Work life Management
I have a schedule and will follow that.
Current Role
1) Design HLD and AD docs 2) Do the coding, UT and IT 3) Handle UAT and Production Issues
Your role model
Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon HIM) He has shown the best way of leaving life, that is ISLAM
The Big Question
Success is yet to come
Starting Differently Again
Improve my communication skills Get the in depth knowledge of languages like 'C','C++','JAVA' and technologies like Struts/Springs and learn more design patterns and get more command on PL/SQL
Effective decision
Selecting the jobs based on Job profile and not based on CTC
My Road map ahead
Software Architect
Areas for the Future
Additional Certifications
SCEA - Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
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