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Ajay Kumar Khajuria

Ajay Kumar Khajuria

Content Engineer
Innodata Isogen
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Ajay Kumar Khajuria's Experience
Team Leader -(Technical)
Innodata Isogen, Noida, INDIA
Ajay Kumar Khajuria's Education
Family Background
I am belong to the middle class family. My father is retired govt service. My mother is a house wife.
Work Life Balance
Work-Life Balance is not a problem to be solved. It is an issue to be managed.
Most Important Lessons
Time is very important.
Role Model
My role is my father.
Plans for the Future
I would like to be a in a position where I will be able to make decisions in the favor of my company by which the company will be able to increase the working capacity of the employees as well as the productivity level of the company.
Current Job Profile
• XSLTs to transform XML from a CMS to XML that can be imported into InDesign and apply all of the appropriate styles and formatting. • Created corporate web sites, portals and large-scale web applications. • Developed and designed new web interfaces, layouts and site graphics. • Responsibility to
Current Role
• Design and Devlopment of web pages/eBook Single Source Publishing workflows. • XML and Text based eBook Formats like ePUB, Open eBook (OEB), SonyConnect LRS, Palm eBook. • XML technologies like DTD, XML Schema, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, HTML, CSS, PHOTOSHOP, Authoring environment customization, Professi
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