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Amar Ramesh Mulatkar

Amar Ramesh Mulatkar

Engineering 881984 Commissioning engg
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Family Background
We are total 8 Member in our Family, I have three brother, mothor & father, Presently I am living in Mumbai with My wife and 9 month little daughter. My father is doing Swing selling Business with my thrid younger brother. My first younger is motor mechanics and third one is BTech Engineer.
Most Important Lessons
Work Hard & do your work with faith & belive
Current Job Profile
My Job is engineering & commissioning in Siemens Ltd. we do the commissioning in steel Industry.
Challenges in The Technology
does not know
Most Important Career Decisions
do the job in one compmay atleast you get better position
Scope Of Java
does not know
Changes in the industry
doesn't know
Plans for the Future
I want to be good employee and best business man
Role Model
My work, Because my work is very challanging work
Current Role
I am Team Leader , I am handling two green field project which cost is neraly about 25 billon
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