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Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Software Engineer
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Family Background
I live with my parents,wife & daughter in Bangalore. My father Mr. Pawan is a retired businessman, mother Asha is a homemaker.Wife Monica works as a Development Manager in a startup.My 7 mnths old daughter keep us stress free.Two younger sisters Poonam & Neelam are pursuing studies in USA & Taiwan.
Points of inflection
1 year into my first job,I felt that the learning curve was not as steep as I wanted.I took a conscious decision to switch.I found myself a startup which give me an opportunity to learn to own things and be responsible at an early stage in my career, an attitude,which I am proud I have carried along
Tech trends to watch out for
Domain-based-testing and Test automation have found renewed interest in the Test community. Domain based testing ushers test case reuse and thus helping better RoI. Large and complex systems call for Test automation which fosters quicker delivery. They mean the most as time to deliver is critical.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Responsibilities include ensuring high quality software is delivered while adopting the best practices. Part of the job is to listen to customers and seek constant feedback. Also required to mentor juniors in the organisation and nurture the team collectively with best efforts.
The Journey So Far
The journey has been a satisfying one with its ups and downs. There has been steady revision in my career goals which has aligned to the organisational and personal focus. I kept in touch academia and leaning is still my passion.On the way I have met wonderful people and contributed my best always.
Most Important Decisions
The most important career decision I believe I made was to come out of the comfort zone and venture into the unknown. I quit a well establish software giant to join a startup as the first India employee. Yes, employee number one. The disruption was worth the risk as I look back today. Great lesson.
Changes in the industry
Newer methodologies have evolved over time giving way to the old ones. Test Driven Development has changed the entire mindset on the way we look at Testing. Detecting bugs and fixing them as soon as the code is written has revolutionized the traditional testing methodologies.
Essential Advice
QA Engineers must be familiar with the entire SDLC in order to be effective.They should have strong communication skills, be good at documenting their work, and must be able to work well with different groups. They often become a bridge between the Developers and Customers and convey viewpoints well
A Fine Balance:
Being able to foresee the challenges & risks of a project is the key to manage work and personal life.I have learnt gauging the efforts by experience.No one wants to over-commit and under-perform.Few tricks to reduce the travel time buys me more time at home.Working from home is welcome occasionally
Plans for the Future
I don’t have a specific plan! I would like to advance. However, I am flexible. I will do my current job to the best of my ability and keep my eyes open for opportunities within the organization to advance even if it means changing roles.
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