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Debojit Roy

Debojit Roy

IT Professional
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Contribution to the field
Currently working for Redbus, India's largest Bus Ticketing Company. I currently hold the position of Team Lead for Inventory System for Redbus. Inventory Sys is responsible for acquiring inventory from 1500+ bus operators and handle all transactions happening through Redbus through various channels
Advice for upcoming professionals
In all my interactions with new professionals in my field I feel they lack the zeal for this profession. I feel you should come to this field only if you like solving problems. I myself enjoy taking up a complex problems and finding a solution. Basics of computer science are important than language.
Work life Management
My job is pretty demanding but I do tend to strike a balance between work and things I like to do for myself. I spend my mornings working out and spend after hours reading a book. Weekends if there are no crisis at office I like to go for camping. I love my music and always hooked to my ATH M-50s.
Current Role
My current role involves building and maintaining the Inventory System for Redbus. We have more than 1500+ operators and its my job to keep our inventory in sync with these operators systems. I currently manage a team of 4 developers. I am also responsible for designing the new inventory system.
Changes in professional environment
Times have become more competitive. When I joined knowing how to print Hello World from a Java Applet was good enough to get yourself a job. But times now are demanding. We look for people with completely different skills now. There is very less room for error these days in the professional world.
Your role model
I personally don't believe in role models as it is hard to find a person who is without flaw.There are good and bad qualities in all of us but its hard to just look at the good things and leave out the bad.I always felt Rajat Gupta as my role model. But after his verdict I dont believe in role model
The Big Question
I am contented with what I have done till now but I know I could do better. I graduated in Mining Engg. I competed head on with Computer Science grads and proved I am no less than them. I had to work much harder than them to get where I am but the hard work was totally worth it.
Starting Differently Again
I would like to go back to my initial years and ask more questions to my seniors. I would like to understand fully what I am doing and why I am doing it. I would spend more time understanding the complete system rather than just be content with my module. You need to know the complete flow.
The Most Important Game
You always have to take one for the team to be a good team player. We had a major release held up coz one developer checked in core components without proper test cases. The initial pilot failed on the client installation. We all spent the whole night fixing and changing our code as well to fit it.
Effective decision
I was clear in what I want from life.I prioritized my choices and made sacrifices where ever needed.In the initial days of my career and college,I worked harder than others as I knew to enjoy the later days of your life you need to work hard now.I am grateful that I made that decision at that stage.
My Road map ahead
I have a passion for technology. Its pure creativity.I would like to be associated with it for the rest of my life.In next 5 years from now I see myself in a Architect or Engineering Manager role at a budding startup,using my experience to give them direction and helping them make correct decisions.
Areas for the Future
We are moving more and more towards disconnected systems. Now we hardly see Java Applet based Desktop apps. The future is the Cloud. For the new generation, the future will be Service based architecture.SOAP will survive for few more years but the winner will undoubtedly be REST Based JSON Services.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Read,Read and Read. Its overwhelming how technology is changing. I follow Martin Fowler, his blogs are amazing and always digs new gold. I also like to try out the new technologies and write my own performance tests around them to benchmark them. It helps you understand how the technology works.
Additional Certifications
SCJP is a pretty standard certification which I think every Java Developer should complete. The certifications above that should be done based on your area of interest. If you are really interested in pursuing in technology, then you must surely complete SCEA(SUN Certified Enterprise Architect).
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