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Dilip V Tinnelvelly

Dilip V Tinnelvelly

CEO of Guggoo Inc - A Silicon Valley start-up
ChannelVission Inc
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Dilip V Tinnelvelly's Experience
Head/ VP/ GM-Operations
ChannelVission Inc, Santa Clara, CA, US
Dilip V Tinnelvelly's Education
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
University of California, Irvine
Family Background
Born and raised in Kerala India. Currently settled in the Silicon Valley US. Holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Kerala University, MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, NY and Executive MBA from UC Irvine, CA.
Scope Of Java
It will definitely be dictated or constrained by Oracle's business model. For example: If Java is part of Android, Oracle’s future work on Java could influence how Android works.
Current Role
CEO of Guggoo Inc which began as a stealth mode start up. Guggoo is the gateway for streaming video and social media content over the cloud. Responsible for Business Operations, Strategic Marketing and Technology infrastructure.
Most Important Lessons
Constantly reinventing yourself with cutting edge technology, adaptability and identifying an innovative business model from a strategic, tactical and functional perspective.
Challenges in The Technology
Configuration, IDE Development, Libraries and Source control to mention a few....
Work Life Balance
Take one day at a time. Will cross the bridge when we reach there.
Current Job Profile
CEO of Guggoo Inc a Silicon Valley Start-up. Dilip has over a decade of experience working in High Tech Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging startups, directing global operations. Prior to joining Guggoo, Dilip has served as a Senior Director in Product Management and Strategic Business Development functions at LSI Corp, NEC Electronics 881984 TransEDA. He holds an Executive MBA from UC Irvine, California and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, New York.
Changes in the industry
The core foundation is he same but has become very user friendly, multi-threading functionality and scalable between multiple platforms
Required Reading
Standard Java web sites. Java Engineers could recommend specific sites/books. The book i like (And not related to Java) is "Why Smart Executives Fail" by Sydney Finkelstein that explores corporate mistakes—what they are, why they occur, and what managers, leaders, and investors can do about them.
Role Model
Martin Luther King - Dreams without action remains only a dream.
Most Important Career Decisions
Transitioning from Engineering to Marketing and Business Development.
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