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Dinesh Venugopal

Dinesh Venugopal

Senior Software Engineer
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Dinesh Venugopal's Experience
Software Developer, Bangalore, INDIA
Software Developer
Yell Adworks Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA
Dinesh Venugopal's Education
LCR college of Engg & Tech
lcr college engineering and tech
Goals and Ambitions
May not be in 5 years. But in long term my career ambition/goal is to become as a Software Architect.
Current Trends
Big data and Mobile application's developement
My strongest Skill
Java, GWT, Grails
Challenges faced in job
Giving estimation for the tasks and interaction with colleagues who are in different levels.
Making job easier
One and only Trust
Managing professional as well as personal life
Proper planning of both office and personal work never brought me any trouble so far in professional and personal life balancing. I believe sometimes it is purely depends on the organization you work for.
Company and job profile
A programmer who constantly hunts for challenging role in life. My job profile involves in gathering requirements from onsite team, java/j2ee based web applications development and deployment. Swimming, Driving and Programming are my hobbies.
My advice
Start loving your work and give good commitment towards your work. Do not wait for the opportunity to reach you. Make the opportunity yourself.
My important career decision
Joined a startup company which had smart people around me.
Books recommended
I believe in having technical discussions with friends are more powerful than reading books although reading book is equally important.
Being different
I try to automate anything which is possible in my day to day life instead of continue doing the same work manually.
Family Background
I live with my parents and my brother in Bangalore. We are basically from a small village in TamilNadu. My father was an electrical contractor in Bangalore. My brother has completed his MBA and works at marketing division in a MNC.
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