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Eskala Somesh

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Company & Job Profile
Ericsson Global India,Working as Solution Architect in JAVA Domain.
Journey so far
Its Excellent,As a team we can achieve 100 time more productivity instead individual efforts.
Scope of Java
Was the King ,Is the Kind and Will be the King....
Additional Certifications
Certification is required for the External World and External People, but actual Certification is passionate on JAVA..
Challenges in the technology
The Kind Of simple APIs for the Complex Problems/Requirements....
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Seeking for more complex problems to find out the solutions in JAVA
Intellectual Recommendations
JAVA katheserry...and oracle official site
Areas for the future
Threads and Collections
Java Obstacles
reusing of existing APIs/Components, There are more and more javacomponents/apis in java for most of the requirements..Most of the people don't know that these things are available...recomending to reuse those.
Effective decision
My Career Path in Technical Stream..
My Road map ahead
Ina Architect Position with better solution for the complex problems.
The Most Important Game
In re factoring the product and during the process improvement in a project.
Your role model
In my career journey , I have seen couple of people their simple principles are ,HONEST, HARD WORK .......I will try to maintain these principles...
Changes in professional environment
I Started my career with JAVA Domain by day it's increasing my interest to work in JAVA domain.When i started my career Mobile entered into the World, now World is fitting in the Mobile ..this is great change .....
The Big Question
yes,Honest Hard-Work and Transperancy...
Advice for upcoming professionals
Attack the Problem but not the stress.
Family Background
I came from very poor background Family ,but proud of my parents for their kind love on me .
Work life Management
Nothing to take with stress...what ever ...take it with peace plan and proceed... We will never fail on any task...we will fail to plan that task...
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