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Jayant  Jadhav

Jayant Jadhav

Vi2Web Technology
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Challenges in the Technology
According to me Thread concept is challenging concept even interested.
Scope of Java
Java is having much better scope in future.
Java Obstacles
Now days every java developer needs to understand new technologies like struts springs hibernate etc. Even most of the company migrating their projects on new technologies but if java developer is having strong basic knowledge then only they can easily handle all new technologies.
Intellectual Recommendations
Black book, Head First java
Additional Certifications
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have started developing mini projects by using new technologies so while developing i got so many problems and doubt even new concepts of handling them.While doing this it helps me to learn new concept and how to handle issues with new technology.
Areas for the Future
Spring and Hibernate
My Road map ahead
I want to start my own company.
Effective decision
Effective decision for me is selecting Java development platform.
The Most Important Game
I play important role while developing web applications as well as some time design also because i am working in small company.
Starting Differently Again
I will try to understand basic concepts in depth.
The Big Question
Yes i am successful bcz now i feel i can work on any project and i can handle any task.
Your role model
My dad and brother.My dad always help me to understand this world. They told me one thing try to get good knowledge don't thing about money.
Current Role
Developing web based application using Servlet , Jsp, Struts etc
Advice for upcoming professionals
Try to get better knowledge every time while working on any project.
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