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Jobinesh Purushothaman

Jobinesh Purushothaman

Principal Solutions Architect
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Family Background
Currently I live in Bangalore with my wife and kid. My parents are retired government employees and they live in Kerala(my home state) with my elder brother.
Contribution to the field
-Working as Principal Solution Architect for Oracle India since October 2008. -Over 13 years experience in IT. -Author of “Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide”, a book on ADF published by packtpub. -Technology evangelist and speaker at various technology conf. like Oracle Open World and JavaOne
Advice for upcoming professionals
Java has been around for many years. Most of the huge business applications in this world are built on Java. And lot more excitement are lined up for you. So come forward and have a feel of this great language !
Work life Management
1. Allocate 1 hour a day for kids at any cost. 2. Spend week end with family 3. Visit parents whenever get time 4. Allocate time for friends and visit them once in 3 weeks or so 5. Spend rest of the time on technologies and work
Current Role
1. Provide technical consultation( which includes design, architecture, and proof of concept)on ADF and Java EE technology stack 2. Evaluate and suggest features for Oracle ADF 3. Technology evangelist and speaker in the areas of ADF, Java EE
Changes in professional environment
Not exactly. However the community and work force around us has become more matured now.
Your role model
Rajamani Saravanan, who was my mentor in my previous job, is my role model He taught me the excellence.
The Big Question
Definitely yes. 1. Started in a start up company, and now with worlds largest software firm. 2. Presented many technical papers with worlds best software professionals. 3. Wrote a technical book -
Starting Differently Again
I'm not regretting on anything that I did(career wise) in past
The Most Important Game
During my employment with Emirates Group IT(Dubai),I was responsible for deciding the tools and technologies for the entire organization. This role required interaction with each team in the company. Had to convince the entire organization while choosing a tool or framework.This was great experience
Effective decision
Decision to learn technology in depth and choosing technology as career path.
My Road map ahead
Will be around Java and Java EE ecosystem, helping my fellow programmers, of course with higher responsibilities.
Areas for the Future
1. Conceptually bigdata, cloud computing, social networking and mobile computing would be the keys areas where an enterprise may need to focus on in coming years. 2. Enterprise technology wise Java EE and other application frameworks such as ADF, Spring etc will remain as key tools.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
1. I decided to write a book, which gave me more insight to the technology 2. Invited to speak in many international technology conferences which helped me to share my knowledge,learned from other and widen my views 3. Try out new technologies (whenever noticed them while browsing)
Additional Certifications
No. If one is willing to learn technology, I don't think any certification is really required to prove his/her talent.
Published Articles/Books
Presentations in Seminars
Contribution to Java or Open source community
I've been nominated as Expert Group member for JSR(Java Specification Request) 349 Bean Validation
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