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Lokenath Mukherjee

Lokenath Mukherjee

Java Developer
Logica Pvt Ltd
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Lokenath Mukherjee's Experience
Java Developer
Logica Pvt Ltd
Contribution to the field
Currently working with Logica Pvt Ltd and I am working as a Java developer.
Advice for upcoming professionals
currently holding Java developer positions and want to be a part of Java Technical Architect
Work life Management
I am a bachelor, so i dont have that much work in home.
Current Role
coding and unit testing code.
Changes in professional environment
I use to give my best for the Project as well as for Company.
Your role model
Abhinandan Yadav, he is a very good programmer and he is a very good helping hand also. By nature he is very good.
The Big Question
Yes, as i love to work for this company and i am happy to be a part of this company.
Starting Differently Again
I will start with some new technology like cloud computing and all.
The Most Important Game
I have fixed almost more than 20 critical issue in a week.
Effective decision
I got a score in GATE 2010 with 98.69 percentile but i have joined here for some personal reason but i felt good later.
My Road map ahead
a good successful man.
Areas for the Future
Web Service and Spring
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
regularly I am going through something..
Additional Certifications
OCJP 1.6
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