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Niranjan Piduru

Niranjan Piduru

Sr. Software Engineer
L & T Infotech Ltd.,
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Contribution to the field
L&T Infotech Ltd., Working in Banking & Financial domain. Designing the LLD and Developing the Common Utilities for our project and deploying the Project with Ant Script and Bug Fixing. Handling clarification calls with Clients.
Advice for upcoming professionals
All the professionals should learn the smart working.
Work life Management
It is very easy for me. I am very cool and calm at work in any point of time. I am talking with the team and client in a polite manner to gather the requirements.
Current Role
Sr. Developer, Bug fixing. Building and Deploying the application.
Changes in professional environment
When the time of joining we had a lot of discussions with clients to get the information. Team size is also very less at that time. Now it is good and all are working with cool minded.
Your role model
Sasikanth Tenneti(Expired on Jun'2009) and Sivakumar Minampati. They both gave me birth in the Software carrier and supported me alot in completion of SCJP and SCWCD. I am very thankful to both of them.
The Big Question
Still not yet, i need to improve a lot to learn the things more. I am reached to some extend because of my family background and my well wishers.
Starting Differently Again
Will start a Software Training Center to prepare the good talented professionals.
The Most Important Game
When i was working in Wipro BASE product as a consultant from MetaSparc Software India Ltd., Two of the key resources left the company and i was new to some of the modules. Then i pickup all the modules from them and handled. Once the product got delivered I got the good appriciation from Wipro Team
Effective decision
After my Graduation my father forced me to marry but i had taken the decision to complete the Post Graduate. If i was not taken that decision now i may be doing some business.
My Road map ahead
I will be a Sr. Architect or Lead Architect.
Areas for the Future
JQuery, Design Patterns, Core Java and Data Structures.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Developed own utilities which are using in current project. And gave training on Velocity Templates and Spring.
Additional Certifications
Please attend online training and reply to online blogs in sites. Do the Certifications in Java and J2EE Technologies.
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