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Polireddy Vanukuri

Polireddy Vanukuri

Senior Consultant
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd
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Family Background
I am from small Village in Andhra Pradesh.
Contribution to the field
Working for Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. Job profile includes Development and integration of Web applications.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Learn from mistakes. Spend 5 to 10min time in logging your major Office work activities you spent in the day in 3 to 4 lines. It helps you to grow and improve your skills. Also down the years,if you look at that dairy, it really gives great feeling, reading those simple mistakes of work:)
Current Role
Requirement analysis, Coding and Deployment
Changes in professional environment
Initial days though was doing good, I was little over confident which I realized as days went on. It was really good journey and I am looking forward in improving areas which I still feel lacking little bit. It is everyday learning process.
Your role model
The Big Question
I am still half the way in reaching success rate I targeted.
Starting Differently Again
I will prioritize tasks and work accordingly
The Most Important Game
1) In my first organization: Developed Java script framework, which I realy feel have given great contribution as good team palyer. 2) An application developed in adobe flex 3 (to which I was new). Still was able to learn quickly and completed within schedule. .. few more
My Road map ahead
Technical Architect
Areas for the Future
I am very much interested in Core java, Custom Components development.
Additional Certifications
Technical certifications helps you to sharpen your skillset. It is like wood cutter-Axe story; If axe is not sharpened your effort will not come out. For Java professional, I recommend to prepare and do SCJP,SCWCD and Oracle certifications
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