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Sathish Ramanujam

Sathish Ramanujam

kayathri Infotech
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Sathish Ramanujam's Experience
kayathri Infotech, Tuticorin, INDIA
Sathish Ramanujam's Education
Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College Of Engineering.
Family Background
Good Evening Sir My name is R.Sathishramanujam and My parents both of them are teachers .I am From Tuticorin,Tamilnadu.
Plans for the Future
To work for a company as the honesty person
Technology Trends
Core Java
Role Model
Bill Gates
Current Role
Searching the job
Most Important Lessons
To be Honesty and Confidentiality while doing work
Areas for the Future
Core Java
Scope Of Java
Java is the pure object oriented language . It is the high level programming language .Java has boon in any Country
Work Life Balance
Confident and Hard work
Current Job Profile
I am Fresher searching the job
Changes in the industry
No ,java industry cannot be changes .It can be enlarged.
Most Important Career Decisions
To become an Java Developer
Required Reading
Core Java Author:
Comparison With Other Language
java is a pure object oriented language
Challenges in The Technology
performance,Issues,Reliabilty,testing, memory management
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