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Siddheshwar Kumar

Siddheshwar Kumar

Tech Lead
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Family Background
I am from northern part of India and had all my schooling as well as engineering from there. My father is a contractor and my mom is house maker. I have 2 younger sisters. I got married last year and my wife is currently house maker.
Contribution to the field
I am working in Sony's Architecture Division(R&D division). We are working on one of the component of Sony Cloud platform. This component will connect with social networking sites like Twitter, Picasa etc. The design is very robust and extensible, so any social site can be easily integrated.
Advice for upcoming professionals
I strongly feel upcoming professionals should be very passionate about their work. No matter what technology and language you are working; there is scope to achieve your dream destination. Also i feel India is a land of opportunities so all you need is focused dedication in your domain.
Work life Management
I leave a disciplined life and control major things in day like time of waking up, sleep and also my working hour. Its not always easy but with practice we can bring discipline to our life.
Current Role
I am individual contributer and technical mentor. I have been involved in design and development of application. This i have done mostly on my own with some assistance with junior colleagues in writting test cases. Apart from this i am also involved in hiring process for our team.
Changes in professional environment
I am passionate about Java/J2EE and technology in general. So during our lunch/tea breaks i usually bring up different aspects of technology to discuss. This way i am regarded as geek by my colleagues and they often reach me for technical assistance.
Your role model
I have had multiple role models. Some of them are : Sachin Tendulkar, My father, My matternal uncle and one of my closest fried Amit kumar pandey. Some of the common traits are they all are humble human beings who constantly keep working to achieve excellence in their respective areas.
The Big Question
I keep evolving constantly and keep challenging myself. Success for me is a relative term; today i might feel successful after solving a tough problem but tomorrow is a new day. But in general i feel i still need to do a lot and can't say i am successful.
Starting Differently Again
I have around 7+ years of experience. Around 2 years ago i was bit confused about my career path and was contemplating to do MBA. But after some time i realized i am born to be engineer and that's my calling. So if i had to restart my career; i would't waste my time in contemplating other things.
The Most Important Game
I was involved in solving one of the most challenging bug in Apple's CRM application. The application developed in java/j2ee was timing out intermittently. So i played major role in analysis of the problem with my team from TCS as well as client's team from apple.
Effective decision
I don't think there is one decision which would have made me successful.
My Road map ahead
Working on my own idea/product.
Areas for the Future
There are multiple areas; one of them is executor framework. I think in coming time it will become more popular. Also i feel MVC frameworks like struts/spring will keep playing major role in web development.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have been working to improve my designing skills and for this i have read design patters and UML. Apart from this i have been working to improve my coding skills and my knowledge about Java and JVM.
Additional Certifications
I don't believe much in certification.
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