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What makes J2EE suitable for distributed multitiered Applications?
The J2EE platform uses a multitiered distributed application model. Application logic is divided into components according to function, and the various application components that make up a J2EE application are installed on different machines depending on the tier in the multitiered J2EE environment to which the application component belongs. The J2EE application parts are:

Client-tier components run on the client machine.
Web-tier components run on the J2EE server.
Business-tier components run on the J2EE server.
Enterprise information system (EIS)-tier software runs on the EIS server.
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First of all j2ee is used for the better security reasons.
second thing is that it provides the multithreaded access to your application from many users at any instant nobody likes to wait and j2ee is most suitable for this purpose. ‎
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