Java 2 -Enterprise Edition

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Shatish Rao
Shatish Rao
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2EE is meant for
developing enterprise solutions and some of the reasons on why this
platform is used are because it offers high performance, flexibility and
focuses on strategizing and executing business logic.

Importance of J2EE
application development has become extremely popular and used at three
different levels such as user services, business services and data
services. J2EE or java application development primarily serves the
needs of business and companies across the world. J2EE developers are
skilled and possess the proficiency in creating innovative J2EE
enterprise solutions for businesses across the world. This is the reason
why companies choose to outsource J2EE development to J2EE developers
in India.

Components and Parts of J2EE

J2EE ( Java 2
-Enterprise Edition) is a basket of  12 inter-related technologies ,
which can be grouped as follows for convenience.:
Group-1  (Web-Server  &  support Technologies )
  1) JDBC   (  Java Database Connectivity)
  2) Servlets
  3) JSP   (Java Server Pages)
  4) Java Mail
Group-2   ( Distributed-Objects Technologies)
  5) RMI  (Remote Method Invocation)
   6) Corba-IDL   ( Corba-using Java  with OMG-IDL)
  7) RMI-IIOP   (Corba in Java without OMG-IDL)
  8) EJB   (Enterprise Java Beans)
Group-3  (  Supporting & Advanced Enterprise technologies)
  9) JNDI   ( Java Naming & Directory Interfaces)
   10) JMS   ( Java Messaging Service)
   12) Connectors ( for ERP and Legacy systems).

Advantages of J2EE

is a multi platform that supports both language and web services and
therefore makes it a popular option for mostJava application development
solutions. A number of different kinds of applications can be designed
for e-learning, online polls, e-commerce, Java based applications, or
services to create customized advanced applications. J2EE developers
excel in creating specialized solutions using Java application
development programs.

Developing JSP Application
Java Server
Pages or JSP for short is Sun's solution for developing dynamic web
sites. JSP provide excellent server side scripting support for creating
database driven web applications. JSP enable the developers to directly
insert java code into jsp file, this makes the development process very
simple and its maintenance also becomes very easy.  JSP pages are
efficient, it loads into the web servers memory  on receiving the
request very first time and the subsequent calls are served within a
very short period of time.

Java Server Pages are save with .jsp extension.
<title>First JSP page.</title>
<p align="center"><font color="#FF0000" size="6"><%="Java Developers Paradise"%></font></p>
<p align="center"><font color="#800000" size="6"><%="Hello JSP"%> </font></p>
In jsp java codes are written between '<%' and '%>' tags. So it
takes the following form : <%= Some Expression %> In this example
we have use
  <%="Java Developers Paradise"%>