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Chitranshu Asthana

Chitranshu Asthana

Senior Software Engineer
Techjini Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Family Background
I belong to well educated middle class family. My mother is Doctorate, HOD psychology and principal at Sri Agrasen Kanya PG college and my father is senior auditor in JEE office. My family is full of workaholics and best family time we have is while working together.
Contribution to the field
As Senior Software Engineer at Techjini Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I am responsible for leading and developing mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.
Advice for upcoming professionals
IT industry is very dynamic and only way to succeed in this fast changing trend is to be versatile. Develop an urge to explore horizon, learn new things, try different ideas share knowledge and never loose focus from your target customers.
Work life Management
Work is mostly what I do in my life. I always try and finish up delivering my official responsibilities in given time and then take out time to try something new, or develop some helpful tools .
Current Role
My primary responsibilities as Senior Software Engineer at Techjini Solutions are to develop and delivery quality mobile applications. Apart from that I am also responsible for training, mentoring & consult other teams in day to day issues and challenges.
Changes in professional environment
I think I have contributed in building up a professional mindset among my team members, I can see that mutual motivation, dedication, urge of learning and delivering has increased. Team has become more detail oriented and is consistently improvising.
Your role model
Unfortunately I don't have one single role model, there are many great people in this word who has done great things and every time I think about any of them I do feel like being in their shoes and do the same great deeds as they did.
The Big Question
No, it is just the beginning of my life and career. There is still lot to learn, there is still lot to do.
The Most Important Game
The way I look at it, being team player means making sure that your team succeeds in achieving goals. I have in many situations helped team members in presenting their modules and also motivated then in many situations to improvise themselves.
Effective decision
First decision was to get into IT industry and second one was to get into Mobile Solutions.
My Road map ahead
I want to be an entrepreneur, In 5 years I would have my own research team innovating products and solutions for embedded industries.
Areas for the Future
I have used java for developing android and enterprise applications. I think the core java concepts of process and threads will always remain important and will also significantly matter in future.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have tried working on different programming languages and different platforms. In last one year I have successfully learnt iOS development environment and ported lots of features of iOS on Android platform. I am also doing research on hybrid development and already have few POCs ready.
Presentations in Seminars

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