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Harish Donepudi

Harish Donepudi

Software Engineer IV
CISCO systems
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Harish Donepudi's Experience
Software Developer
CISCO systems, Bangalore, INDIA
Contribution to the field
13 years of exp in java.
working as a Sr. java tech resource in cisco systems from past 3 years.
primarly working on JEE product/application design, solutions & development.
Advice for upcoming professionals
java is effective, flexible and very good frame works are developed around this language, which will support us to learn and develop evey kind of application on any domain.
Work life Management
spend some time(one or two hours) with my 7 & 2 years kids. spend 12 hours of time on work related. spend 2 sundays for familiy activities. spend 2 weekends for learning new topics in java and other frameworks. spend 2 days of my time with my parents once in 2 months.
Current Role
JEE Product design, solutions, development.
Changes in professional environment
working as a individual contributer to working with team of professionals.
The Big Question
Motivate ourself and get top ratings in every year.
The Most Important Game
Help/memtor teammembers/juniors by giving right direction and sharing knowledge, make them to finsh their taks independently.
My Road map ahead
i want to be an inventer.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
learned convincing skills. i.e how to convince group of professionals with my solution.
Additional Certifications
scjp certification practice will help java developer to learn each and every topic in java. << as a first step>>
Published Articles/Books
I have written and published 2 articles with in Cisco systems tech community. (1) Customized security for restful services  (2) Simple/efficient object caching for search engine.    I have got special reward for these 2 presentations in my organization. 
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