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Mayank Shridhar

Mayank Shridhar

Technology Architect
Infosys Limited
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Contribution to the field
I'm an Architect with the Products, Platforms and Solutions arm of the Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences unit at Infosys Limited. With over 9 years of experience in RFID/ wireless technologies, I focus on the architecture and development of real-time high performance products, and consulting.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Practice makes perfect. Writing a program and making it run all by yourself is equivalent to reading ten books on the same topic. Stay hands-on, and more practical than theoretical.
Work life Management
Stay involved in extra curricular activities. I like rock-music and playing the guitar. I also play chess and have played in several tournaments, including a game against world champion GM Vishwanathan Anand.
Current Role
I'm involved in Architecture, design and development of products, platforms and solutions using Object Oriented programming in Java. I specialize in RFID and wireless technologies, and also perform consulting for clients, as well as conducting training and knowledge-sessions for new team members.
Changes in professional environment
The company has grown six times over the last 9 years, but I still feel passionate about my work, organization and group.
Your role model
Nandan Nilekani, simply because he is very impressive and dynamic. He knows how to connect with people, communicate effectively, and also how to excel at his job.
The Big Question
I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to focus on something great, to understand the big picture, and to utilize my skills for patentable work. With several publications, awards and acclaims to my merit, I feel content that I have been recognized for my capabilities and efforts.
Starting Differently Again
“Nothing. From tracking horses on the race course using wireless sensors to automating the assembly of an aeroplane using RFID, I'm satisfied and happy with what I received a chance to work upon, and the contributions that I have had towards my organization as well as the industry.”
The Most Important Game
We had a deployment at a client location abroad for a wireless-sensor application. We tested it using simulators here, but couldn't replicate the hardware scenario due to lack of infrastructure. When the deliverables didn't run, I worked to build it from scratch in a limited 2-day time-frame.
Effective decision
While joining high-school, my parents didn't have the confidence in me to be a good computer professional and they discouraged me from taking it, forcing me to study Economics. However, I stayed focused towards computer science, won the gold-medal in my university and several awards at Infosys.
My Road map ahead
As a recognized thought-leader in the industry, and the head of a practice or organization focussed on real-time RFID and wireless products.
Areas for the Future
JAX-RS (REST-ful Web-Services) will be crucial because Service-oriented architecture is going to be the norm for all industries. Java ME (Micro Edition) will also play a crucial role in shaping the industry because consumers are adapting to cell-phones and use their phones for doing everything.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I am involved in various knowledge-sharing initiatives within my organization. I also keep trying out proofs-of-concept on new technologies to gain hands-on exposure to them. I also provide free online consultation on where I am amongst their Top 5 Java all-time experts globally
Additional Certifications
All the Oracle certifications are very good for getting a good perspective on the language, as well as in design. Apart from them, I would also recommend taking Brainbench certifications as the course content is very good. Also, participating in forums helps a lot in expanding knowledge.
Presentations in Seminars
Participation in conferences:

Conducted a workshop and Spoke at TED (TED - Technology Entertainment Design) University workshop at TED India 2009 on the "Future of Retail". Also showcased Infosys innovation using Java technologies at the same.
Showcased Infosys innovation on RFID using Java technologies at EPC Global 2006 (Los Angeles, USA), Infosys EMEA Confluence Client-Meet 2006 (Athens, Greece) and EPC India 2004 (New Delhi, India).
Published Articles/Books
White Paper on Supply Chain Traceability with RFID and SAP published on Infosys website -this white paper has been reproduced and referred by many researchers in their thesis and has also resulted in business for Infosys
Viewpoint on RFID Middleware To Embed or not to Embed published on the world's 1 RFID (radio frequency identification) resource under Expert Views
Viewpoint on RFID in the Manufacturing Industry
Authored 4 official Infosys blogs:
How do we obtain Supply chain Traceability Part 1
How do we obtain Supply chain Traceability Part 2
RFID Middleware Smart Devices?
RFID Enabled visibility in the Manufacturing industry
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