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Shivaji Pandurangrao Mirashe

Shivaji Pandurangrao Mirashe

Manager in Information Security
Reliance Communications.
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Shivaji Pandurangrao Mirashe's Experience
Information Systems(MIS)-Mgr
Reliance Communications., Mumbai, INDIA
IT/ Networking-Mgr
HP HEWLETT- PACKARD through (Emerio (M), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
System Security
Blue Planet Infosolutions (Inc) Pvt Ltd., Pune, INDIA
System Security
Ozone Info Engg. (P) Ltd., Panjim, INDIA
Shivaji Pandurangrao Mirashe's Education
Ph.D Doing
Master's degree in Computer Application
B.Sc. (Computer Sciences.)
Family Background
After completing the High school education I have done bachelors degree in computer science in 1999 from S.R.T.M. My interest make me continually learn and grow in the rapidly changing I.T. as a professional from last 8+ years Currently I am working with "Relience Communicatin as a manager"
Current Role
Firewall management for worldwide Network of IDC Data Center, Secure co-located customer, & shared customer through (INOC). Handling the team and implementation of ITIL processes. Creating the process & quality framework. Responsible for the Architecture, Design, program and production management of
Scope Of Java
This is very good question and every experts have the different views. So this can be understood by the only today market if we look towards the today market then Java scope is increasing day by day most of the applications are working on java. As a language java is simple and easy to learn.
Changes in the industry
Android applications are written in Java too, though you can't simply run a regular Java app ... will always be in demand and paid well, especially in the games industry. .....
Current Job Profile
Write technical documents as necessary describing base security requirements and architecture. Perform risk assessments, provide recommendations and present findings. Experience with security technologies including Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Firewalls & Log Analysis, Network
Areas for the Future
Over the last one decade the profile of software tester has undergone tremendous changes. Testing has become show-stopper for several application/product implementations and business has realized the importance of structured testing of applications before release.
Required Reading
Head First Java, 2nd Edition by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates We'll examine some of the classes in the package, and show you ... Handling internet addresses (domain names, and IP addresses) is made easy with Java. ... But if Java Network Programming, Manning Publications, 1997.
Challenges in The Technology
I'm done most every problem from Head First Java and Deitel's Java - How to Program 6e, but am looking for more in between reading Sierra/Bates SCJP study guide.
Plans for the Future
I mean I want growth in my career by proper utilizing my talents, as also the organization. I want a position where every success person dreams to be in future.
Work Life Balance
Because the right work-life balance is different for every individual, a company policy or program cannot create it or manage it. Each individual must do that for him or herself, working with a boss that has the right leadership mindset and skill set as well.
Most Important Lessons
1. Keep learning 2. Don't work for or with disrespectful people 3. Work with people you like and respect 4. To become successful in your profession never depend on anybody.
Degrees That Matter
A certification in your current line of work will validate your skills and enhance ... If you do not already have a career plan read “How To Develop Your IT ... build on, troubleshoot, and debug a particular Microsoft technology, such as a ...
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