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Mritunjay Kumar

Mritunjay Kumar

Senior Software Engineer
Webcom Information Technology Pvt. Ltd
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Family Background
We are 5 of us.My father is and electrical engineer working for bihar state electricity board.My mother is a home maker.My elder brother Mr. Amaresh kumar working fro HCL technologies as unified communication specialist and my younger brother working for lalit ashok as a chef.
Contribution to the field
I am Working with webcom information technology private limited.My job profile incluede collecting requitrement details from the client.In house discussion with client.Design technical specification.And based on that architecting the project and then do start coding based on the requirement.
Advice for upcoming professionals
My advice for upcoming professional is never give up and always try to build up system considering user.Place you as a user and think how you want the system and the best system idea will come into mind.Always deals with pressure and be calm and confident and deadline will be easily meet up by you.
Work life Management
I plan my week make it a point to schedule time both at work and family and friends and this make me recharge for every work.Also i try to make up each and every meeting and appointments before 15 minute and change my presentation according to the environment considering the atmosphere this makes me
Current Role
My responsibilities involved requirement collection,In house head to head discussion with the system users gather all technical specification.Document it and create high level design.After that handle the team of technical engineer to build the technical requirement into fully functional system.
Changes in professional environment
Professional environment makes me more active,Punctual,energetic and sincere.Also i learn team work,team capabilities, how to react in bad situation and most of important how to manage work along with my social responsibilities.
Your role model
I had seen closely my father so my role model is my father.He started his career with 500 rs salary with family responsibilities and nephews responsibilities.He has made single handily 6 engineer in my family and every one now is a responsible professional handling responsible position in ITindustr
The Big Question
No Still I don't consider myself successful but i will become successful when i will open my own IT firm that will give an opportunity to young talents who will work single handily and make some useful systems that solved some social as well as critical issues across the country as well as globe.
Starting Differently Again
I will try to grow my skills and expertise in the field of sharing knowledge and creating job opportunity for the young talents.There are many talents in the market that is simply not used because of some minimum criteria of marks and some other conditions but given opportunity they will perform better
The Most Important Game
I always analyze my team and analyze the work according to the complexity and the skills and expertise of the team,Find a role within the team and always assign the work according to that.Always in the situation of project complexity i always be together with my team and problem always turns back.
Effective decision
I always listen to my capabilities and always respect my decision.I always proved my words let it be in any situations.I always have a loss fear that grows my strength to win.One of my effective decision is to stay calm and quite in the time of anger because all good thought goes away that time.
My Road map ahead
i will see myself as a CEO of my own established IT firm.
Areas for the Future
Enterprise Service Bus(Mule),Spring Framework Popularity specially Inversion Of Control,Transaction management,Aspect oriented Programming,Android Technology.Batch Processing and batch scheduling.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I always think of small small useful system that will help our work both professional work and social work and i always try to implement that work in code.Hence my skill grows.I am always connected to the portals always read blogs and internet content of the experts that helps in improving my skills
Additional Certifications
i recommend each and every java professional must have at least SCJP and must go for SCWCD , SCBCD.
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